Supervision agreement

* Supervision offers a safe space in which to reflect on your practice  It is my responsibility to build an alliance where you can explore all aspects of your work whether your perceptions of this be positive or more problematic

* I consider the relationship between us to be central to our work together. The primacy of this relationship will model the relational depth at which I will encourage you to work with clients.

* Sometimes your own issues will be triggered by those of a client. i see it as my role to help you explore this . If issues of yours remain unresolved it might be that I recommend personal therapy.

*I  have regular consultancy supervision for my work as a supervisor. I do not refer to anyone by their full name in these sessions.

*If you feel you need to talk to me urgently about a client at risk then I prefer that you phone before 7pm. I feel that presence is as important in supervision as in therapy so our conversation is likely to be fairly brief.

* You will get more out of supervision if you prepare for it. It is also my experience that prior consideration of clients develops your,’internal’ supervisor and enhances practice.

* If you are not happy with anything in supervision it is important that you discuss this with me

* I will give you as much prior notice of any holidays I might take and would appreciate it if you could do the same