It is a defining aspect of counselling that it is confidential. Seeking out a professional to talk to may well be at least in part because you do not want to share certain feelings with friends or family. It may be that for you they represent part of the problem, that you do not want to burden them, that possibly you fear judgement or significantly here that you are unsure they will keep what you say confidential.As an accredited member of BACP & UKCRP registered I am bound by a code of professional ethics. In terms of confidentiality I will never share anything you have said to me except under the unusual circumstances that I consider that you yourself are at immediate risk of harm or in danger of harming someone else.

Where I feel it is appropriate to share information I would discuss this with you first and work with you towards an agreement, wherever possible that this is in your best interests

I also attend monthly supervision where i discuss clients with my BACP accredited supervisor. I do not refer to clients by their full name